Katala: "We knew the difficulty of the match, obviously mistakes were made"

In the established statements after the end of the match between PAEEK and AEK (2 – 2), the coach of AEK appeared obviously disappointed for the points that “Larnaca” leaves behind in “Makareio”.

Excerpt from the statements:

“We knew the difficulty of the match, we had the possession, but we are not aggressive enough in the last third. But we had the game in our hands and once again we were not aggressive enough on the defensive line, we only got one point and we have to look ahead. The team must continue to work. “

“Obviously mistakes were made, I do not know if it is only a matter of concentration, we managed the difficult one that was ahead and we had to hold it for 5-6 minutes. This is not the first time this has happened to us. It’s a good reason to work even harder and be more demanding of ourselves. “

See HERE in detail the entire statements Catala.

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