The works started belong to the Urban Connectivity Hubs Program of National Roads
The works started belong to the Urban Connectivity Hubs Program of National Roads.

The Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis, and the mayor of General Las Heras, Javier Osuna, launched the works of the Beltway of that Buenos Aires town to “prevent heavy traffic from circulating through the city, and improve connectivity with the municipality of Cañuelas,” they reported in a statement.

The works began with hydraulic works on Vergara and Necochea streets; and during the tour, Katopodis affirmed that the works that are beginning “are in tune with the request of President Alberto Fernández, who told us that in each city every day we start a public work that generates work.”

These works, which belong to the National Highway Urban Connectivity Hubs Program, are divided into three sections of 2.6 km in total, where the existing road will be paved and complementary hydraulic works will be carried out.

In this first stage, tasks will be carried out on Calle Necochea, between Santiago Villamayor and Calle Vergara; in Vergara, between Pedrayes and Necochea; and Pedrayes street, between 9 de Julio and Vergara.

The Ministry also reported that “This work is of great importance for the city since it will connect directly with the town of Cañuelas, becoming an alternative road to Provincial Route 6, to speed up the circulation of heavy traffic through the city center”.

In addition, it will reduce travel times to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and other nearby districts.

Also, this project will generate 80 new jobs and will benefit the circulation of health providers that the district has.

The executive manager of National Roads also participated in the tour, Federico Stiz.

Meanwhile, in General Las Heras, the Ministry of Public Works is carrying out works and projects, which include water and sanitation works, flood control, road works, educational infrastructure, social facilities and the Plan Argentina Hace.

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