Keira Knightley used to suffer from her own pressures

Motherhood and Career

The birth of her two children Edie (7) and Delilah (3) turned her life upside down again. Reconciling the role of mother and career was a “huge thing”, because her husband James Righton (39), to whom she has been married since 2013, also wanted to continue working on his music projects at the time. It wasn’t possible without additional help.

“During filming, the hours are unpredictable and extreme. I’ve found that it takes three people to do what a full-time parent does. When you hear someone say, ‘I’m just staying at home with the kids’, it’s not ‘just’,” Knightley said. Her children are “super active” and looking after them is “hard work”. In the meantime, however, the couple can do without childcare. Their jobs don’t seem to be suffering as a result.

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