Kelly Key's husband is compared to Justin Bieber in old photo

Kelly Key shared some old photos from the beginning of his relationship with the businessman Mico Freitas and one detail left fans completely impressed. In this ocasion, the appearance of the husband of the famous in the youth drew attention for the resemblance to the singer Justin Bieber.

In the caption of the post, Kelly commented that the photos are from “’only’ 20 years ago”, and in the comments netizens did not fail to compare Mico with Justin, especially in a photo where the singer appears touching her husband’s tongue.

“Wow, what a fright!! In that first photo I thought it was Justin Bieber so I stayed!!”, wrote a follower. “People! I thought it was Justin Bieber lol commented one more. “Guys lol Are you sure it’s not Justin Bieber in this photo?”, joked another fan, surprised by the resemblance.

Kelly Key and Mico Freitas have been together since 2002. Together, they are the parents of Vitor, 16, and Arthur, 4. The famous is also the mother of Suzanna Freitas, 21, is the result of her relationship with the Latin singer.

Kelly Key’s Relationship With Her Husband

In June 2020, Kelly Key spoke about her long-term relationship with her husband, Mico Freitas. The artist explained that their romance was discredited at first and even answered fan questions alongside the Angolan businessman.

“Look at this couple passing on your #timeline to say that you should, yes, believe in love! As crazy and impossible as it seems. Trust your inner voice when it says you’ve found the right person! Go ahead! Take a chance, fight for it! Because it will work. Look at us. Almost 20 years together, three beautiful children and lots of stories to tell! When we first met, nothing and no one would say it would work… Even because we lived in different countries, we had our lives each in their own corner, an ocean separated us until the day we decided that our future would be together!”, she said. . “We listen to our inner voice and even though it sounds crazy, we build our happy family.”, added.

At the time, Kelly Key commented that, despite the happy marriage, they’ve also been through some crises, but they always overcame disagreements.

“We are very happy. And happiness is not always in smiling. Because we have hard times too! Happiness is in making the most of the best moments! We unite even more with each challenge and so, we become one! If there’s one tip I can give young couples, it’s: Walk together in the same direction! Fight for the same goals! Win together! As a team! If they fall… May they fall together and help each other up! Be accomplices!” he wrote.

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