Ketnet series 'Signs of life' wins International Emmy Kids...


The series ‘Signs of life’ (Ketnet) won the International Emmy Kids Award in the Factual & Entertainment category on Tuesday. This is reported by the VRT.

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‘Signs of Life’ tells the stories of children with a special scar. They are marked for life by something from the past. The TV series features sixteen children, each with their own story. On the basis of their scar, the children tell how this “sign of life” marks and colors their lives.

“In addition to fiction, Ketnet has been focusing on non-fiction programs for years in which the stories of the children and the children themselves are central. ‘Signs of life’ is a very good example of this”, responds network manager Annemie Gulickx. “We are delighted that an international jury has seen the strength and beauty of the program.”

Ketnet already won an International Emmy Kids Award in 2019 for the program ‘Nachtraven’.

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