Kevi Jonny to show in southern Bahia after receiving death threat

Bahian singer Kevi Jonny had to interrupt a performance in the south of Bahia, in the city of Itacaré, after being threatened with death in the early hours of last Monday (20).

Jonny, owner of the hit ‘Te Love’, was trying to warn a reveler who was fighting in the middle of the audience, when he was retorted by the boy with the death threat. “Take a look my partner, what was it? Are you going to stay there? It’s to enjoy, kiss on the mouth. Brother, you have the woman there, stay with her well”, he asked.

In images released by Internet users on the web, it is possible to see the artist calling the police. “Are you threatening me bro? Military Police, the guy in red is threatening me with death, the one in the cap. Don’t leave, stay there and you’re going to fuck yourself now”, he said from the stage.

The reveler was restrained by police after a confusion and removed from the scene. The artist has not commented on the matter so far.

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