Kevin De Bruyne decides topper against Chelsea with a lovely curl, Lukaku misses an open goal

Kevin De Bruyne has become the match winner in the English top game between Manchester City and Chelsea. Halfway through the second half, the Man City captain scored the only goal of the match with a clever curled shot. At Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku barely appeared in the game. Just after the break he had one excellent chance, but he missed face to face with Ederson. In the standings, Chelsea already has thirteen points less than leader Manchester City and can finally put away its title ambitions.

The top match between the number one (Man City) and the number two (Chelsea) of the Premier League produced little spectacle. In the first half, Manchester City had exactly one good chance, but Grealish aimed at a pass from De Bruyne, eye to eye with Kepa on the Chelsea goalkeeper.

Romelu Lukaku did not appear in the piece before the break. The Belgian attacker barely got nine ball keys, none in the hostile sixteen meters. That changed immediately after the break when Lukaku was allowed to charge at Ederson with the ball at his feet. However, the Brazilian goalkeeper read Lukaku’s feet well and dived his attempt from the left corner.

Still, it was a Red Devil who decided the match. Captain Kevin De Bruyne was the most dangerous man at Manchester City and crowned his good match in the seventieth minute with a great goal. The midfielder turned well from Kanté, advanced with the ball at his foot and then curled the leather princely in the bottom right corner from twenty meters. For KDB it was the sixth league goal of the season, the seventh in all competitions combined. He also has three assists to his name. Due to an ankle injury and a corona infection, he missed seven games in the first round, after that it took a while to find the right form.

Chelsea turned out to be unable to do anything in return in the last twenty minutes. Thanks to the eighteenth league win of the season, City extends its lead even further. With 56 points, they now have 13 more than Chelsea (43), which could lose its second place to Liverpool (42). The Reds will receive Brentford on Sunday.

Photo: AFP

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