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When the match seemed to end goalless, a spectacular definition came from the Belgian player that left the Etihad Stadium fans in ecstasy.

Kevin de Bruyne's celebration to give Manchester City an advantage
© Getty.Kevin de Bruyne’s celebration to give Manchester City an advantage

Without a doubt, the match of the day of the Premier League was the one from Manchester City against him Chelsea, the one who could not not have a great goal like the one he scored Kevin De Bruyne to give an advantage to Pep Guardiola’s team.

In a tight match, where the local team always tried to move the scoreboard, many thought that, as the match was taking place, it was going to end tied 0-0.

But it was in the 70th minute when the stadium exploded, after a perfect definition by the Belgian De Bruyne from outside the area, with an exquisite punch.

The partial victory continues to keep Manchester City at the top of the Premier League, with 56 points, while Chelsea sees it from afar in second place with 43 points.

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