Key Alves sleeps clinging to Gustavo’s underwear

Alone in the game since Gustavo’s departure from Big Brother Brasil 2023, Key Alves has been making clear the dependence of the affair inside the house. After saving herself from the spotlight, the player did not hide her sadness at not having her partner on the program anymore.

Clinging to a pair of white underwear left by the lawyer, the athlete went to sleep smelling her lover.

The play has accompanied Key since he left “agroboy”. Moments after the elimination, the player did not hold back her tears and questioned the reason for his departure, always clutching her underwear.

‘What’s the point of him leaving?’ It doesn’t get into my head. Does not enter. What an emptiness I feel inside without him”.

The boy was the sixth eliminated from the program with 71.78% of the votes against Fred Nicácio and Domitila Barros.

How was the formation of the wall

Key Alves ended up on the hot seat after receiving the monster from MC Guimê, who this week was autoimmune and had the power to nominate a participant straight to the wall.

There, the athlete ran into Antônio ‘Cara de Sapato’, nominated by Sarah Aline, who attended Big Fone on Saturday (25) after Gustavo’s elimination and won immunity and the power to nominate someone to the wall.

Fred Nicácio was nominated by leader Bruna Griphao, while Cezar Black fell on the wall as the most voted by the house. In the turnaround, the volleyball player managed to save herself.

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