Philco's Predicta air conditioner is manufactured in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

With a heat wave that raised the temperature several times above 40 degrees, Argentina became this week the hottest place on the planet. This exploded the demand for air conditioners -split, ventana or laptop-, a key ally in summer. For those who make the decision to buy one, the choice can become difficult due to the wide variety of models, powers and brands available on the market.

When deciding what type of air conditioning (AC) is the best for the house, apartment or room and that is efficient to combat high temperatures, it is necessary to take into account the energy consumption, the energy rating and the technology behind of this artifact that becomes vital.

It is always tempting for the average user to buy a large capacity air conditioner. For that you have to keep in mind that the strongest 60,000 BTU air conditioning unit can substantially increase the electricity bill. But, on the other hand, if you opt for a 5,000 BTU unit, it may not cool enough.

In principle, the key is to correctly take the space dimensions, which should be measured in cubic meters (m3). To calculate it, the area of ​​the room (length x width, expressed in m2) must be multiplied by its height. The recommendation is to choose an air of 50 frigories for each m3 of the environment to which it is destined.

A not minor fact is the Location of the air conditioning. The environments that are located on the east side of the home are usually much warmer than those located on the west, since they are exposed to the sun for more hours and its rays of greater intensity.

It is also necessary to take into account the presence of rest of the artifacts what is in the home. Beyond the heat that can emanate from a kitchen, oven or hot water tank, all of those, even a small lamp, radiate heat; influencing the necessary power of the AC equipment to be installed.

Finally, each air conditioner has different functionalities: a window unit (those that are built into the wall) is not the same, a portable unit or the one with 80% of the Argentine market, the split units, and the technology inverter that empowers them.

“As electricity rates rise, as in other countries that are more dollarized, this type of equipment can cost 20% more expensive but pays for itself much faster,” he says. Diego Gorali, Business Manager of the Air Conditioning division at Newsan.

There are even teams that can cool and heat depending on the time of year. With them you can avoid purchasing additional equipment to raise the temperature in winter, in addition to being ideal for places that do not have a gas installation.

What models are in the Argentine market

Philco’s Predicta air conditioner is manufactured in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

The sale of this equipment in the country is divided into a 80% in favor of splits, which has two separate units, an outdoor unit located on the facades of the houses and another indoor unit located inside the house. The remaining 20% ​​is made up of those with windows, which are easy to place, and the portable ones that are profitable, but take up too much space.

In this commercial context, the Argentine brand Philco recently launched the Predicta line in which the splits the 3,500 Watts. This new air conditioner fuses the most advanced in style and innovation to be enjoyed in any home environment.

His ultra slim gray aluminum panel With 4D technology in its flaps, they allow better and faster air conditioning of the environment. While the Dual Inverter compressor manages to save energy up to 70% and generate a low noise level.

Regarding its functions, the Philco Inverter air conditioner has a intelligent system that remembers the user’s preferred temperature and uses it by default every day.

The high-end Art Cool and Dual Cool air conditioners from LG that are manufactured in Argentina.

The high-end Art Cool and Dual Cool air conditioners from LG that are manufactured in Argentina.

For the summer season, the South Korean LG Argentina unveiled its models of air conditioners Art Cool y Dual Cool, two high-end units that combine energy savings, comfort, durability and design.

These air conditioners, which are manufactured at the Newsan plant in Tierra del Fuego, have TÜV Rheinland verification, a certification that ensures that the equipment saves up to 70% energy, cools up to 40% faster and reduces up to 88% noise and vibration.

One of its main characteristics is that the models Art Cool y Dual Cool they have a compresor Dual Inverter, which adjusts the speed of operation to maintain the desired temperature levels at all times. Thanks to this, I knowregulates the speed and force of the motor; avoiding consumption peaks and managing to be friendly with the environment.

In addition, the compressor also has a double rotor, making the motor work more stable and at a higher speed, which translates into cooling 2 times faster than conventional equipment and a reduction of up to 70% in energy consumption. .

Also, both models operate at low sound levels, thanks to the stabilizer with 15° tilt and the Dual Inverter compressor, which eliminate unnecessary noise and allow smooth operation.

For its part, the Art Cool airs have an innovative tool: the Plastmaster Ionizer, which sterilizes the air in the home in 5 steps, eliminating 99% of bacteria, harmful substances and bad odors from the environment in less than 1 hour.

Another of the hallmarks is that they are part of the IoT ecosystem (Internet of Things, in Spanish). The Art Cool allows you to connect to Wi-Fi and, in this way, control the equipment through the Smart ThinQ application, an exclusive LG app to link and operate the air from any cell phone.

Samsung splits are manufactured in Argentina by the firm BGH.  Photo: Samsung

Samsung splits are manufactured in Argentina by the firm BGH. Photo: Samsung

Among the possible functions of this class of equipment are the temperature control, filter management and Smart Diagnosis. The latter allows you to check configuration, installation, troubleshooting and other information directly from a phone.

Samsung, for its part, also has its “tank” in the hot/cold air conditioner segment with technology Digital Inverter with the function of Fast Cooling, which cools the environment more quickly than conventional air.

This model incorporates the function Good Sleep, which automatically adjusts the temperature at night to accompany the sleep cycle and avoid unnecessary high or low temperatures. It is easy to maintain, since its HD filters that help capture dust, contaminants and allergens effectively, are manually washable without soaps or additives.

The model has 3 different versions, depending on its power: AR12ASHQAWK/BG (3261W); AR18ASHQAWK/BG (4775W) and AR24ASHQAWK/BG (6539W). In all cases, the compressor has 10 year warranty.

Six myths about air conditioners

Who has never heard air conditioning causes cold? It is a very common comment, but the reality is that at 24 degrees, which is equivalent to an optimal temperature to air-condition an environment, you can purify the air in a healthier way.

In fact, according to the manufacturers, keeping the filters clean avoid direct exposure to main air flow; As well as adjusting humidity levels, it helps reduce the causes of allergies and decreases headaches and colds.

“Air conditioners bring problems with Covid 19”. The pulmonologist José Manuel Viudes (MN 92.965) assures that “the air should work at 24 degrees, but you always have to have a window open to renew the air in the environment.”

“Sleeping with the air conditioning on is bad for your health”. At night the body temperature drops, so it is advisable to raise a degree or two with respect to the comfort temperature during the day.

Most devices usually have a dedicated function (Sleep) so that it turns off when it reaches the optimum temperature, avoiding unnecessary consumption.

“Setting the temperature lower will cool your house faster”. Contrary to popular belief, lowering the degrees of the thermostat so that the room cools quickly is not efficient, since a comfortable temperature is not achieved and forces the equipment to spend more electricity.

The compressor will always be on trying to reach the temperature indicated by the equipment. Therefore it is more effective progressively cool the house and stable around 24 or 25 degrees.

“Air conditioners with inverter technology are more efficient”. Mariela Coda, marketing manager for LG Argentina, assures that “you always have to make sure that the equipment is Inverter because of its energy savings and its silence and that it is eco-sustainable.”

It is also important that artifacts have special resistance to voltage changes and that they are easy to clean for greater durability.

“The device works the same regardless of its location”. Although the location of the air conditioner is very important, it is another myth.

At the time of installation, it will be necessary to avoid exposing the equipment to direct sunlight and make sure that nothing obstructs the air flow of the unit. Also, it should not be placed near other electrical appliances that emit heat, since the equipment will need to work longer than necessary.


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