Kicillof regretted the attacks that the initiative received

Kicillof regretted the attacks that the initiative received

The Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof, affirmed this Monday that the objective of the plan to finance trips for graduates of some 220,000 students from the province of Buenos Aires is to prop up the tourism sector, “which was one of the most affected in the pandemic.”

“What we do is give work to a sector at a time of the year where they do not have work”Kicillof said in statements to FM Urbana in reference to the initiative that he said is complemented with tax benefits for the hotel sector.

He added that “it is to pay directly the hotel, excursions and gastronomy to some 220,000 Buenos Aires students so that they can make their graduates trip between February and April in destinations in the province” and specify that, according to conversations with tourism agencies , “For an amount of 30,000 pesos per boy or girl, it will be four days and three nights.”

In that framework, I regret the attacks that the initiative received by stating that “they went out in a pack-type attack with the trolls and their mask fell off.”

“For what was the loss of educational content due to the pandemic, we invested much more money, we hired 30 thousand teachers at a cost of 15 billion pesos”

Referring to the questions that pointed to why that money was not destined to other educational content, the governor stated that “for what was the loss of educational content due to the pandemic, we invested much more money, we hired 30 thousand teachers at a cost of 15 one billion pesos ”.

“They said – he expressed – that we had not fixed the schools and during the pandemic we fixed 3,200 schools, in one of the largest investments in memory.”

When asked if the initiative had electoral purposes, he remarked that “Everyone who is better off after the pandemic votes, but our goal is for the economy to recover.”

“If the entire outcome of the pandemic – he thinks – is going to be denoted as electoral issues, it must be remembered that in the business, tourism and educational sectors we have been making investments that do not have electoral purposes.”

In another order, he confirmed that on Tuesday the vaccination against the coronavirus of boys between 3 and 11 years begins in the province.

“In the first and second doses we are at the highest levels in the world, and we have more than the United States with the first dose,” Kicillof said.

The governor indicated that in the province of Buenos Aires “there were 333 cases per day in the week that we closed on Sunday, and what has been happening is that the fall in infections is the result of vaccination coverage, which allows us more openings” .

“We are entering the post-pandemic and this requires a battery of measures that have to do with the recovery and above all with the sectors that were most affected,” he stressed.

When answering some political questions, he denied that the departure of Paula Espaol from the Secretary of Commerce implies the removal of someone who responds politically to his administration.

“I have known Paula from the faculty, from the militancy, but she was not in the Secretary of Commerce as part of my team. I have immense respect for it, but it is a decision made at the national level, ”he said.

Regarding the replacement for Espaol, the economist Roberto Feletti, said that he knows him “a lot” and added that he is part of “a group of economists who are all very close people, but that does not mean that what is decided in La Plata it does in the Secretary of Commerce ”.

Finally, when asked about the influence that Vice President Cristina Fernndez de Kirchner had on the arrival of Martn Insaurralde to the head of the provincial Cabinet, he stated that “the decision to incorporate mayors into the provincial government was discussed with many leaders from the front.”

“The idea of ​​mayors in the provincial government is because I understand that the Government must be expanded with more territorial arrival at a time of recovery,” he concluded.

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