Kiev says cyber-attack damage is limited and under control

Ukraine indicated this Friday that “so far” no major damage has been found following the cyberattack, of unknown origin, which affected several Ukrainian government “websites” last morning, ensuring that the “online” pages will soon be operational. .

“Provocative messages were posted on the (Ukrainian government) websites, but the content of the pages was not modified nor were there any changes to personal data, according to available information,” the Ukrainian Security Services (SBU) said in a statement.

“A significant part of the government media (‘websites’) that were affected has already been restored and the remaining part will be accessible soon”, said the same source.

According to the same officials, the authorities suspended the services available on other government portals to “prevent the spread of (computer) attacks” and to “locate the problem”.

Ukraine today denounced a large-scale cyber-attack against several government websites, including the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which took place last night.

The European Union (EU) has already condemned the cyberattack and said that the community bloc will “mobilize all resources” to help Kiev in the face of an attack that was already feared.

“Unfortunately, we expected this to happen. Of course, we cannot point the finger at anyone, as we have no evidence, but we can imagine” who is behind the cyberattack, said the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, at the entrance to a informal meeting of EU 27 foreign ministers in Brest, France, marked, among other things, by tensions in the east, between Ukraine and Russia.

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