Kim De Gelder transferred to psychiatry (Dendermonde) two years after internment


Two years after it was decided to intern Kim De Gelder – the perpetrator of the drama in daycare center Fabeltjesland – he was transferred from prison to the Forensic Psychiatric Center in Antwerp on Wednesday. His lawyer Jaak Haentjens confirms this.

Marc Klifman

Today at 03:00

According to his lawyer, Kim De Gelder deteriorated greatly after his sentence to life for four murders and 25 murder attempts in the Dendermond daycare center Fabeltjesland and moved several times from prison over the years. Lawyer Jaak Haentjens has always believed that his client is mentally ill and should be interned. The Chamber for the Protection of Society (KBM) effectively followed him in October 2019 after both the prison of Oudenaarde and the East Flemish public prosecutor’s office ruled that an internment would be better for De Gelder.

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After the decision to actually intern him, De Gelder was transferred to Merksplas prison where he was placed in a ward for internees. More than a year ago it was decided that he would have to move to a Forensic Psychiatric Center, because that is where he can best be treated for his psychiatric problems. He eventually ended up on a waiting list and only received the green light last Wednesday to move to the FPC in Antwerp. If in the future it turns out that De Gelder’s mental state has stabilized enough – or if it turns out that he is cured – he will have to go back to prison to serve his sentence to life. Lawyer Jaak Haentjens confirms his client’s move, but does not comment on his question.

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