Kingston Embassy conducts trade mission with Jamaicans

The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Jamaica, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Export and Investment Center-Pro-Dominicana-, carried out a successful Trade Mission to the country with Jamaican companies interested in
do business with the Dominican Republic.

The Business Mission, coordinated and chaired by the Dominican Ambassador to Jamaica, Angie Martínez, included the participation of the presidents and senior representatives of the companies Derrimon Trading, Cals Manufacturing and the Bussines Red.

The Dominican diplomat, who formally presented Letters of Credence on May 7, said that in this way she proudly celebrated her four months as Ambassador to Jamaica “thus we celebrate our 4th month as Dominican Ambassador to Jamaica, bringing our 1st Trade Mission to the country. We are pleased to establish profitable synergies between the Dominican industry and the industry of our Jamaican brothers, thereby supporting the country’s objective of increasing our exports and foreign direct investment. “

Likewise, he argued that thanks to our geographical proximity to Jamaica we are called to be natural partners and great allies “I am convinced that the opportunities are endless and the potential is enormous, so with God’s help there will be many successful trade missions that we will promote. from our Embassy. We will continue to serve as a bridge and establish beneficial synergies for both countries that result in the strengthening of both economies and the well-being of both peoples. “

The meeting agenda was coordinated by the ProDominicana team, led by its Executive Director, Biviana Riveiro. This activity included several business rounds and visits to the main industries and free zones in the country. Biviana Riveiro welcomed the entrepreneurs, stating that “strategic actions, such as these business rounds, promote commercial ties between both countries, connecting national producers and international buyers, thus boosting our offer of exportable products.”

The Vice Minister for Economic Affairs and International Cooperation of the Dominican Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Hugo Rivera, received the business mission and talked about the existing opportunities at the level of commercial exchange between both countries, among which he highlighted the wide range of production companies in the sector of food, chemicals and cardboard that can be potential exporters to that country. “I am convinced that we are at the right time to strengthen commercial ties between our islands, and they can count on MIREX for all the support that the business sector in Jamaica needs to take advantage of the benefits of the Dominican Republic.” From this conversation, new areas of interest for businessmen emerged, who decided to extend their stay in the country one more day in order to hold meetings with other Dominican industries.

Ambassador Angie Martínez individually and collectively thanked all those who made a successful trade mission possible and said: “the slogan of our embassy is” We make things happen “, but the truth is that we could not make anything happen without having the allies indicated in the field, for that reason thanks to the businessmen for trusting in our country, the team of our Embassy, ​​the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the person of the Chancellor, Roberto Álvarez, and the vice ministers Hugo Rivera and José Julio Gómez , and Prodominicana, in the person of its executive director Biviana Riveiro and her extraordinary team, for their valuable and fundamental support. It is thanks to all of them and to the great love for our country that at the Dominican Embassy in Jamaica: “We Make Things Happen “.

The businessmen expressed their satisfaction with the agenda developed and thanked Ambassador Martínez for the support and dedication of successful meetings with Dominican companies, thus allowing a fruitful result and the identification of future actions, which will allow closer commercial ties with the Dominican Republic.

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