Kinito Méndez complains of high costs involved in recording a meringue
Kinito Méndez complains of high costs involved in recording a meringue

Contrary to other rhythms, Kinito Méndez maintains that young people who want to dabble in merengue find it difficult to record albums because even a single song is expensive due to the number of musicians, studies and promotion that is required.

“For a new boy it is difficult to enter now. Before we entered because there were the labels, Juan & Nelson, Karen Record, Kubaney and other record labels that gave room to new talents,” argued the popular interpreter when interviewed on the program dParranda Radio Show, which is broadcast on Dominicana FM.

Then he added: “You have to look for an arranger who is a merengue producer, you have to look for choristers, musicians, pay for a recording studio and a number of things to be able to produce a merengue, and that costs about two hundred thousand pesos, that is. it is an obstacle for new interpreters. “

In statements with journalists Wendy Mora, Diomelo Martinez, Cristian Santana, Héctor Romero and Moises Balbuena, “El hombre merengue” affirmed that the recording of a single merengue exceeds 200 thousand pesos, without the cost of marketing and promotion that it entails.

“Recording involves getting a composer, an arranger, gathering the musicians and setting aside a studio for recording, and the most cumbersome thing for a merenguero is the issue of promotion (payola), which requires an economic investment,” he explained.

As a contribution to encourage the rhythm among the new generations, Kinito promised to record with new talents in a complete production.

In fact, these days he is in the media promoting his new meringue “El blanco y el negro” with Nahia.

The political

On other issues, it is no secret to anyone that the interpreter of “Cachamba” was very closely with the past governments of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), however when he was approached about his relationship with the current government of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) said he was everyone’s friend.

“I have never had problems with any politician, I am a friend of all. When Leonel won he was promoted with a song of mine, Danilo also and Luis Abinader in his first candidacy made his campaign with a meringue of mine as well,” commented the so-called Merengue Man.

Regarding the time of management that the PRM government has been in, he described the first year of it as lights and shadows because, according to what he said, Luis Abinader assumed power at a “sui generis” time as a result of the pandemic caused by the spread of the Covid-19.

“It has been a difficult year because the PRM found the country in the middle of a pandemic, so with its lights and shadows Luis must still give him time,” he said while ensuring that President Luis Abinader has good intentions.

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