"Kinopoisk" will act as a co-producer and distributor of the new film by Guy Ritchie

The Russian online cinema “Kinopoisk” will act as a co-producer and distributor in Russia and the CIS of the new film by Guy Ritchie with the tentative title “The Interpreter” with Jake Gyllenhaal in the title role. Kinopoisk obtained the rights to distribute the film in all media – cinemas, digital and TV.

MGM will be responsible for the US release, while Amazon Prime Video will air the film in Europe, Australia, Canada, Latin America and South Africa.

Guy Ritchie will begin filming his new film “The Interpreter” on January 24th. Jake Gyllenhaal will play the main role in the action-thriller. From the release of “Kinopoisk”, sent to “RG”, you can find out the details. The setting for Richie’s new film will be Afghanistan, with an American military and a local translator at the center of the plot. Sergeant John Kinley’s service comes to an end, and on one of his last days in Afghanistan, he goes on a mission with a guide named Ahmed. Their group comes under fire, and only Kinley and Ahmed manage to leave the scene of the attack alive. The sergeant is wounded, and the chase begins for the survivors, and in front there is only a desert, stretching for kilometers into the distance. Risking his life, Ahmed helps Kinley get to the border and safe territory.

The first days of filming will take place in Spain. The film is produced by STX and Toff Guys, who have worked on Guy Ritchie’s three most recent projects: Gentlemen, Human Wrath and Operation Fortune. The screenplay was written by Ivan Atkinson and Marne Davis.

Kinopoisk will act as a distributor of Guy Ritchie’s new film in Russia and the CIS countries.

“Guy Ritchie ranks first in the pantheon of the most popular directors of Kinopoisk users, and he is also one of the most beloved filmmakers in our country. For several years now, each new Richie film has become a hit in the box office and the leader of views among Plus subscribers on” Kinopoisk “, so we made the decision at an early stage of production to become partners of STX, MGM, Amazon Prime and Toff Guys as a co-producer and distributor. director, “says Olga Filipuk, content director for Yandex media services.

John Friedberg, President for International Projects at STX, has no doubts that such cooperation at the stage of pre-production of the film with Russian partners – not only as distributors, but also as co-investors – is a new step for the streaming market of our country. The way it is.

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