Lit Killah and his ex-girlfriend the influencer Nadu Lago.

Lit Killah He became one of the most recognized artists on the Argentine trap scene and, like many who are part of that golden generation, he began in the squares as a freestyler and then hit the jump and faced a musical career.

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While Lit Killah is often shown in streams who performs for Twitch, is a person who maintains a low profile and who is very reserved when referring to his private life, so there is information about his life that is unknown. It is that he always preferred to talk about his music, as he did recently when referring to his recent album “Mawz.

10 things you didn’t know about Lit Killah

1. Real name: Mauro Monzón

2. Date and place of birth: October 4, 1999, in González Catán, Province of Buenos Aires.

3. When did he start rapping?: at 16 years old, in freestyle competitions in squares.

4. How Lit Killah came about: At first he chose Mawz but then he changed it to Lit Killah who searched for it on the Internet.

5. First famous battle: semifinal at El Campito Freestyle against Duki.

6. I work at home: he had a family kiosk that he used to attend; then ended up bankrupt.

7. He is a Boca fan.

8. Your first topic: Destroy (4/17/2017).

9. Your first success: Turn off the cell phone.

10. His ex girlfriend: the influencer Nadu Lago.

Lit Killah and his ex-girlfriend the influencer Nadu Lago.

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