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Kiska, the last orca to live in captivity in Canada, died this week. For 11 years she has lived alone in an aquarium, away from other animals. The information was advanced by the government of the province of Ontario, Canada, this Friday.

“The ministry was informed by Marineland that the orca named Kiska died at Marineland on March 9, 2023. A necropsy was performed by Marineland professionals,” explained spokesman Brent Ross, spokesman for the Ontario Attorney General’s Office. , in a statement sent by email.

Since 1982, Kiska has lived in an aquarium at Marineland, a theme park in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The orca was captured in Icelandic waters in 1979 when she was around 47 years old. During her time at Marineland, she had more than 20 tankmates and five chicks that died young. A Association animal advocacy PETA described her as “the loneliest orca in the world”.

For weeks now, Kiska’s health has it was deteriorating. “The team and marine mammal experts have done everything possible to ensure Kiska’s comfort and will feel her loss.”

Kiska lived isolated from the other animals. She was captured when she was 47

“The Loneliest Orca in the World”

The association for the defense of animals PETA notes that Kiska had a lonely life and marked by tragedy due to the death of her five cubs. They all died before reaching the age of seven.

The group Animal Justice (English for Animal Justice), a Canadian non-profit organization, is demanding that an inquiry be opened into Marineland’s handling of the orca’s death.

“Animal welfare services were spot on [na altura da morte] to determine compliance with the rules”, assures the spokesperson of the Ontario Attorney General’s Office, Brent Ross. Marineland has undergone more than 160 audits since January 2020 to ensure compliance with the law and regulations.

In January, weeks before Kiska’s death, more than 560,000 people signed a petition online intended to compel the park to try to release the orca.

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