Know the new prices of the school uniform in Cuba

As is known, the next school year will have the peculiarity of releasing new uniform designs for all teachings. The proposals were approved in a working group chaired by the Ministry of Education, after an extensive consultation process with the students. In making them, imported raw material represents 98 percent of material consumption.

In this sense, the Ministry of Finance and Prices issued Resolution 405/2021 that appears published in the Official Gazette of the Republic No.86 of October 12, 2021 in which they are approved the retail prices in Cuban pesos of the garments that make up the school uniform.

According to the Ministry of Finance and Prices, on its website, with the aim of not transferring all the increase in costs to the retail price of these products that are so important for children, adolescents and the Cuban family, it is decided to apply the price to the 50 percent and the other part is financed by the State Budget, in approximately 132 million pesos.

The school uniform garments have the following prices:

Primary Education:

  • New design blouse: 23.00
  • Saya new wine red design: 35.00
  • White poplin shirt: 25.00
  • Wine red shorts: 31.50
  • Bermuda new design: 41.50
  • Scarf: 3.00

Secondary and middle school:

  • White poplin blouse: 31.00
  • I drill azul: 44.50
  • White poplin shirt: 31.50
  • Blue denim school pants: 61.50
  • Badge: 2.00

(Taken from Rebel Youth)

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