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Enough of the suspense! After weeks of speculation, Jade Picon has been officially confirmed as one of the new participants in the “Cabino”BBB 22″.

The 20-year-old youtuber and influencer is part of the cast of the new edition of the reality show in search of the R$ 1.5 million prize, but became a meme even before entering the program precisely because of her financial condition.


Jade appeared at the age of 12 in videos recorded by her brother, Léo Picon, for his YouTube channel. Léo is also known for another reality show, “De Férias com o Ex”.

Today, after conquering the teenage audience, Jade has almost 14 million followers on Instagram, almost 2 million on Youtube and 4 million on TikTok. Unsurprisingly, she ends up attracting the most diverse brands and brands that yield very expensive “publiposts” that have already added up much more than the value of the prize in her account.

In addition, last year, he launched his clothing brand, Jade². The store is still only online, but it has several pieces that have become a fever among its fans.

It is not the first time

Jade had already been the target of the “BBB” team there in 2020, the first year in which famous and anonymous mingled in the house. At the time, she ended up declining the invitation and explained why.

It’s very complicated for you to put your whole career on the line, you know? I feel like BBB is a place where you either take a rocket and go to heaven or take a toboggan and go to hell.

said Jade in a chat with Lucas Selfie on Youtube

Affairs famosos

Jade lived a famous romance with João Guilherme, actor and son of Leonardo’s singer. The two took up the relationship in 2018, after her return from an exchange in Europe and lived together: Jade even appeared on the cover of one of her ex’s singles.

THE romance came to an end in september last year and she was appointed as affair of none other than Neymar. The relationship between the two, however, was never confirmed.

Jade Picon and João Guilherme dated for 3 years

Image: Playback/Instagram

“I’m not the type of person you see getting into controversy, who comes here to retract, leak numbers, print conversations. I also have my own time, it happens that it’s been exposed here for another ten years. I just ask that my time be respected”, said Jade in Stories at the time.

The “BBB 22” debuts on January 17 and will be led by Tadeu Schmidt for the first time.

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