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Biathlete Reztsova called the lack of team spirit the main problem of the Russian national team

The biathlete noted that after the races no one really communicates with each other, and there is no team spirit in the team. In foreign teams, the opposite is true, she believes.

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Фото: Global Look Press

The lack of team spirit is the main disadvantage of the Russian biathlon team. About this in an interview with Match TV told biathlete Kristina Reztsova.

“We need to strive to be a team. When we succeed or fail, there is no team spirit: before or after the races, we never get together, we don’t really communicate with each other, ”said Reztsova.

She cited foreign athletes as an example. “No matter how bad the girls perform, no matter how bad and hard it is for them, they always joke, always play. This is one of our main disadvantages and a big plus for foreign teams. There must be enthusiasm, ”added Reztsova.

Reztsova called her daughter a contender for the gold of the Olympics

Фото:Global Look Press

She believes that Russian coaches have such problems. “Now there are no coaches who could start. Everything is too serious with us, ”said Reztsova.

Reztsova this season is ninth in the overall standings of the World Cup. She was the only one of the Russians who got on the podium in a personal race – a mass start in Annecy.

Last November, Olympic biathlon champion Norwegian Tiril Eckhoff said that Russian biathletes scare her with their “very bitchy look”. Another Norwegian biathlete, Ingrid Tandrevold, added that the Russians hardly speak English.

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