Bogomolov broke the silence

Bogomolov broke the silence

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After the terrible tragedy in Sochi, Ksenia Sobchak went into the shadows and reduced activity in social networks to a minimum, so as not to give the public a reason for gossip. The last publication on her Instagram dates back to October 10, when the day after the fatal accident, the TV presenter spoke about the circumstances of that fateful evening. Sobchak’s Telegram channel “Bloody Lady”, whose name has now acquired a new meaning, is also silent; new issues “Beware, Sobchak!” on YouTube paused.

The husband of the star, the hype theater director Konstantin Bogomolov, from whom they expected at least some words in support of his wife, was also in silence. Only the day before, when five or five days had passed since the tragedy, Bogomolov broke the silence. On his Instagram, he made an accusatory accusation against those who washed the bones of his wife all this time. Bogomolov prudently turned off the comments on the publication.

– This story is terrible. Here is death. And you will not add or subtract anything. And all reasoning against this background is meaningless. Everyone is unhappy here. And the relatives of the victims. And the driver. And those who survived, – wrote the director, taking pity on his wife. – Everyone became victims. But the last bastards here are using tragedy to settle scores and read notation.

There were indeed a lot of caustic remarks about Ksenia Sobchak, and it seems that the audience intends to more than repay the TV presenter for her stellar manners, excessive self-confidence and lack of compassion for ordinary people. Meanwhile, the star herself assures that she left the scene of the accident only when she was convinced that an ambulance was going to the victims. On the eve, Sobchak published screenshots of the correspondence in a working chat, where her director asks to urgently call doctors to the scene of the accident.

– I controlled the ambulance call, even despite the noise in my head. “Did you call an ambulance? -“ Yes, I called. ”And only after he was told that“ they were coming to you, ”and he passed it on to me, we left. – Ed.) Called, because the doctors were given his phone, – explained the TV presenter.

Meanwhile, for Sobchak herself, this story is not over yet. The star was summoned to Sochi, where she will face a confrontation with the driver of the “Maybach” Oleg Tsoi. According to lawyer Andrei Aleshkin, this means that there were differences in the words of the accused and the famous passenger. It is possible that soon Ksenia Sobchak will change the status of a witness to a victim or even an accomplice.


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