The Minister of Productive Development, Matias Kulfas, crossed the former Minister of Economy, Beloved Boudou, after he criticized the policies of Martin Guzman. He emphasized that he “would have loved” to have the economic situation that Boudou I had when he was in office.

“I would love to have the macroeconomic situation that Argentina had when Amado Boudou was Minister of Economy”, said Kulfas in statements to AM 750. Prior to this, the former vice president was critical in dialogue with the same station.

Regarding the performance of the current Minister of Economy, he declared: “There I see a problem that has not been unlocked, especially the roadmap and the priority that Minister Guzmán has given to his administration. He focused only on finances. “

The Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas.

Returning to emphasize the economic scenario that the Government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had and from which Boudou benefited, he explained: “There was clearly a fiscal, external and reserve situation in the BCRA or Central Bank”.

Next, the Minister of Productive Development blamed both the government of Mauricio Macri and the coronavirus pandemic for the crisis that Argentina is going through: “The reality is different, because Mauricio Macri and the pandemic happened”.

Regarding the versions that circulated about a change in the cabinet, he anticipated: “My place depends on the president, at no time am I clinging to any chair. The President is the one who chooses his collaborators. Choose when to make changes ”.

After the STEP, Alberto Fernández promised to “do what we had to postpone” and “correct”

Finally, Kulfas was responsible for the results of the Frente de Todos in the PASO: “There were many people who had accompanied us in 2019 and who did not accompany us in this election. Our challenge is for you to join us in November”.

Prior to his comments, Boudou had also pronounced on the choice of the official space in the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory: “Our political space made a bad choice. It would be interesting to see what those edges have been. “

In addition, the former vice president also pointed out against Alberto Fernández: “The President says it over and over again that wages have to beat inflation and this does not happen. There is an instrumental problem that is not consistent with the political decision of the President ”.

Finally, and keeping the focus on prices and wages, he called on the Government to “take measures not only that have to do with the income of the population, but also with the income of merchants and entrepreneurs “.


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