KV Mechelen does not officially play against OHL: "We know that we risk a forfeit defeat, but the health of our players takes precedence"

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The club, players and staff want to make a clear statement in this way, even if they risk a forfait defeat. The decision has since been approved by Malinwa’s board of directors. Clubs that are faced with seven positive cases in players who have completed at least 30 percent of the matches or with two infected goalkeepers who are on the list of the A-team have the option to request a match postponement, according to the report. the new protocol of the Pro League. At Malinwa, first goalkeeper Gaetan Coucke and Maxime Wenssens contracted a corona infection, but Wenssens would be considered a promise goalkeeper.

“As management, we were very disappointed in the decision of the calendar committee,” said KVM CEO Frank Lagast. “The day before the game we received the message of refusal and the suggestion that we could call up an extra U23 goalkeeper. A number of promises are not in the test protocol. Given the high infection rates, the club obviously does not choose to mix untested players with players who passed a negative PCR test or received a booster. Everyone’s health comes first, always. We know that we now risk a forfeit defeat, but the health of our players comes first,” said Frank Lagast.

Trainer Vrancken and assistant Defour support the decision

“This week, the training group consisted of a mix of players who had just come out of quarantine after being infected and players who received a booster shot. When it became clear that two goalkeepers took a positive test, I gave the order not to work in function of the game anymore,” adds trainer Wouter Vrancken.

Assistant coach Steven Defour also fully supports the decision. “We definitely don’t want to take any risk by now drafting players in combination with untested players. You hear that potential heart problems can arise with intensive sports efforts after infection. We want to avoid any risk.”

Call to the Pro League

KVM asks the Pro League to interpret the rules as they are “intended and voted” in the General Assembly. “If 2 of the 3 goalkeepers, including the goalkeeper with the most minutes of play, test positive, a match will be postponed. Even if they are under 21 years old. We have put those who are part of our A-core on our list this summer. We regret that the Pro League does not count young people under 21, because we simply give many opportunities to young players,” said Lagast.

“We make an urgent appeal to the Pro League to change this rule. This will not help us for this match. Other clubs may experience the same, hopefully the interpretation of this rule will benefit the health of all players, for all clubs.”

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