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Kyle Rittenhouse, the American teenager acquitted after shooting two men to death during protests against police brutality in the state of Wisconsin last year, defended his actions, saying that self-defense “it is not illegal ”.

In comments broadcast on Fox News, the teen, seen smiling while riding in a car after the verdict, said he was relieved that his “Difficult trip” had concluded.

“The jury reached the correct verdict: self-defense is not illegal”, Rittenhouse pointed out to Fox, ahead of a revealing interview set to air Monday night and a subsequent documentary about the teen scheduled to air in December.

Later, a representative of the Rittenhouse family reported that the family had been moved to a reserved location.

“They are doing well at the moment, they are in a reserved location. They are a family and they are all just ecstatic, ”his spokesman David Hancock told CBS television.

On Friday, a jury ruled that Rittenhouse, 18, was not guilty of reckless and intentional manslaughter and other charges stemming from the August 2020 shootings in the city of Kenosha.

The ruling sparked protests in cities across the country Friday night, from New York to Portland, Oregon, as well as scattered applause outside the courtroom, as it received praise from gun rights advocates.

The case attracted national attention, in part because it grew out of protests by the “Black Lives Matter” movement against racism and police violence that erupted across the country last year and were marked by a controversial mix of guns, racial tensions and civilian surveillance.

On August 23, 2020, Kenosha, in the Great Lakes region, was the scene of riots after police seriously wounded a young black man, Jacob Blake, who was shot in the back during an arrest attempt.

Rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time, joined armed groups claiming to act to “protect” businesses and killed two white men and wounded a third with a semiautomatic rifle.

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