Kyrie Irving confesses that he will not get vaccinated

The Brooklyn Nets player, Kyrie Irving He confessed last Wednesday that he is not going to be vaccinated to play in the NBA.

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving makes sure his side is as clear as day when it comes to his controversial position against the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Thursday, the former NBA champion took to Instagram Live to double down on his decision not to get vaccinated despite official news from the team that he will not be allowed to join as a full-time participant.

Here the data:

“I agree with all those who believe the right thing,” said Irving on IG (via The Atheltic’s Shams Charania). “Everyone has the right to do what they think is best for themselves. Seeing the way this is dividing our world, it’s sad to see. People are losing jobs due to mandates. “

Hearing her tone and her actual words, it is clear that Irving will not be forced to get vaccinated just for the sake of it. The 29-year-old has been adamant about allowing people to make their own decisions and decide for themselves while continuing his goal of being the “voice of the voiceless.”

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