Kyrie Irving, unvaccinated against Covid, dismissed by Brooklyn Nets until further notice

Resistant to the idea of ​​being vaccinated against Covid-19, Kyrie Irving was dismissed by the Brooklyn Nets. The leader will no longer participate in matches or training until he can do so full time.

Due to current health restrictions in New York, Irving cannot access the training facility or take part in home games. He could do it in other parts of the country. A double situation that does not suit the Nets staff who therefore opted for a radical decision: to dismiss the player.

For Sean Marks, Irving’s choice prevents him from being a full member of the Core. “It is imperative that we continue to build the team chemistry and stay true to our long established values: unity and sacrifice. Our goals for the championship have not changed and to achieve these goals each member of the organization must shoot in the same direction.“said the General Manager of the franchise in an interview with the AP agency.

The vaccine is not mandatory in the NBA, but players who have not received the injection undergo more tests and restrictions than others. The League have made it clear that players will not be paid if they miss matches for this reason.

Irving has only played 74 regular season games in two years since joining the Nets, missing long stretches due to injury issues and personal reasons.

Brooklyn was given the favorite for the NBA title this season in the annual general manager survey of all NBA franchises. The season begins Tuesday, October 19.

The debate around vaccination is also taking place in the sports sphere. There is mention of a vaccination obligation for the Australian Open. Hertha Berlin has announced that it will no longer pay for PCR tests of its unvaccinated players. Examples which show that without imposing it, the passage through the vaccine box is strongly desired by several clubs or organizers.

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