To justify the last minute cancellation of a concert by L-Gante in Venado Tuerto, the organizers aimed directly at the musician. From the producer they came out to say that it was impossible for them to satisfy everything that the reference of the “cumbia 420” requested for his dressing room. A list with their orders was even leaked. Nevertheless, the singer came out to deny all the information.

Annoyed with that version, the author of “Alta Data” expressed himself through his Facebook account. “People, that one-eyed Deer is chamu. It is because the organizer’s chanta announced a show without being specified and he wants to keep the people’s money ”, he started his discharge. And he added: “He wants to throw the fight on this side. Do not believe him and claim your own … One, that I do not escape and another that I do not play at the Play when I’m working, it cuts.

To close the subject, he pointed directly at the person who would have circulated the list. “Piece of garca, you’re going to put on your bow”, he concluded.

The supposed list with the demands of L-Ghent for his dressing room

According to the list released, L-Gante he had ordered expensive alcoholic beverages, fast food, personal hygiene items, and a video game console, among other things.

The show was going to be on Saturday night at Club Pueyrredón, Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe. The organizers assured that the event was canceled due to the supposed high demands of the artist. “By material requirements sent by the artist L-Ghent on Thursday and at the last minute, being this eve a holiday, we are unable to get these items, “said Oneblood Music Incorporated in a statement.

The technical requirements of the “Logi” interpreter referred to better audio equipment. For her dressing room – depending on the version of the producer – she asked for two pack of natural mineral water, two packs of Monster or Red Bull energizers, whisky JW Black (no red), Champagne Baron B rosé o Moët Rose, 12 glass glasses, four glass glasses, a cooler with ice cubes, cheese and cold cuts table, crumb sandwiches, pizza, hamburger or fast food catering, two white hand towels (new) and a full length mirror .

Some of the demands that L-Gante made to the organizers of a show in Venado Tuerto.  (Photo: Twitter / @lavozdtuspot)
Some of the demands that L-Gante made to the organizers of a show in Venado Tuerto. (Photo: Twitter / @lavozdtuspot)

In the organization they warned that on Tuesday the refund of the money for the tickets purchased will be carried out, which had a value of 2,000 pesos. In total, given the limited capacity, the available seats were approximately 4,500 people.

The presentation at Venado Tuerto was not the only commitment of L-Gante this long weekend. As of last Thursday, the musician began a string of 15 recitals in different parts of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos. As reported by the magazine People, the brief concerts that the native of Barrio Bicentenario gives in the bowling alleys cost 1,500,000 pesos for less than 3,000 guests, but if that capacity is exceeded, the value amounts to 2 million.

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