La Liga Santander: The shadow of Messi's goal is elongated

Leo messi has left a incalculable footprint of victims in the League over the past 15 years. So much so that he has been the most feared player of all teams. For football … and for goals. And the truth is that it can be considered a historical milestone since for almost all blocks has been the most hated scorer in the history of the clubs. The one who appears as the top scorer in the history of goals conceded by the vast majority of First Division clubs … There has been no other player who has done them so much damage in their history. 15 of the current 20 teams have suffered the unappealable smell of Messi more than ever! But everything comes to an end.

And as the saying goes, ‘a dead king, put king’. Well, history does not stop and that is when other headaches arise for the teams. Because it is not that Messi has left and everything is resolved. Let’s breathe … No. There are always worries … Players who habitually mark an opponent because they have the measure more than taken and who continue to roam the League. That scorer of the current League that has the teams bitter. Because each of them has their own nightmare. That player who has him lined up and that his success is infallible. It turns out that after Messi come the other ‘fears’ of the First. The current scorers who embitter the squads of the highest category. ‘Cazagoles’ like Benzem, Negredo, Iago Aspas, Luis Surez … are repeated as executioners of many of them. They have left behind Messi. In oblivion. It is history, but they have other regrets. Those active players who do the most damage to each of the teams in the League.

Soldier, Negredo and Griezmann, above; Surez, Benzema and Aspas, below. / BRAND Photos


The figure and the trail that Messi has left is historically unattainable for the next one who arrives with force at Spanish football. Their numbers are out of their minds. Of the 20 teams that 15 have had the Argentine as their historical executioner makes it clear that it has set a trend. The record is long. It has been the worst dream they have ever suffered – eye- Alavs, Athletic, Atltico, Betis, Espanyol, Getafe, Granada, Levante, Mallorca, Osasuna, Rayo, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Sevilla, Valencia and Villarreal. Unmatched.

Some of them have been ‘crushed’. Every year, at the least expected moment … the figure of the Argentine emerges to leave his mark even more if possible and complicate the existence of the Primera teams.


The Sevilla It has been the Spanish team that more has suffered the scoring nose of Leo Messi in League. And it did not matter. At the Camp Nou than at the Ramn Snchez Pizjun. He has scored 30 goals -only in the league tournament because then that shadow is gigantic with the King’s Cup, Super Cups …- in his stage in the League. They follow him, closely, Valencia, with 27 goals conceded, Atltico, with 26, and Levante and Osasuna, with 23 goals from the Argentine.

The Seville club has the worst figure against Messi: 30 goals against, followed by Valencia (27) and Atltico (26)

Those clubs are the ones that will rest the most. Not having Messi as a rival is an advantage that they charge. At least a priori. It is already a psychological issue. Because they have been ‘crushed’ by their football and their smell.


Few teams can claim that Messi is not their ultimate historical nightmare. But it is cheating, in many cases. For example, him cdiz (his ‘worst’ historical scorer in Primera is Hugo Sanchez with 14 goals that were forged between the mid-1980s and early 1990s) and Elche (it keeps Puskas, with 12) are recent regulars in the highest category and therefore have not played so many times against Barcelona of the it was Messi. Now, the one who can be considered lucky is the Celtic of Vigo. The most feared gunner was the mythical Telmo Zarra that made him 23 goals in his career. The Argentine remains with 12 goals … The Galician club has not been a very special rival for the Argentine and that is the ‘honor’ that is allusive to this era.

Rare cases: The one who scored the most goals for Cdiz (Hugo Snchez), Elche (Puskas) and Celta (Zarra)

The Getafe He was also saved from the Argentine’s goal-scoring ‘tostn’ … although he ‘changed’ it for another of the great nightmares of Spanish football. Cristiano Ronaldo. The portuguese has scored 23 goals for the team azuln, while Messi ‘barely’ made him 15.

But the Messi era is over and in the League there is that group of names that, analyzing their numbers, always come out as outstanding scorers. They remain in force and have also done damage. But once Messi is history, they are the ones who appear as more dangerous gunners than the current First.


That responsibility falls, at the moment, on names like Karim Benzem, lvaro Negredo, Iago Aspas, Luis Surez, Roberto Soldado… which are the ones listed as current ‘nightmare-scorers’ of the vast majority of teams in the highest category. They are the players who currently score the most goals for them.

At these moments the gunner most feared by the First can be considered to be benzene. Five teams have suffered it like the most, with updated data until the last day of the League: Alavs (6), Athletic (14), Celta de Vigo (9), Getafe (9) and Granada (13).

The ‘biggest’ dangers are veterans but still with a lot of goal: Benzem (33), Negredo (36), Aspas (34), Luis Surez (34) and Soldado (36)

It is followed by the smell of Iago Aspas: Barcelona (7), Levante (7), Real Sociedad and Sevilla (9). And then, lvaro Negredo: Atltico (7), Valencia (11), Osasuna (8) and Mallorca (7). While Luis Surez is the current top scorer most feared for: Betis (11), Celta (9), Espanyol and Real Madrid (10).


It is striking but there are players in the League who have embittered a series of teams, because the streaks and fate have wanted it to be so, and then they have played in those teams. It has been a kind of ‘enemy at home’. For instance, Iago Aspas they have lined up to Sevilla and he played in the Seville team, although he did not curdle. OR lvaro Negredo who is currently the First team player who has scored the most goals for the Valencia (11 in his career) and played at Mestalla for two seasons. At Levante is Roberto Soldado For example, he has scored six goals in his career and today he plays granota (this season a tie was broken when Aspas scored in the duel played at the Ciutat).


There are striking cases. For example, the realist Oyarzabal has scored four goals to cdiz in these two campaigns. It is the maximum nightmare of the cadistas in these moments (he scored again in this League). While Rayo, every time Messi has left, has as a current danger … Gareth Bale! The gals striker has scored nine goals for the squad rayista. A common example of a drunk gamer.

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