La Palma: 800 residents threatened by the lava were evacuated

About 800 residents of the island of La Palma have been ordered to leave their homes today, due to the lava from the volcano Kubre Vieha that threatens their homes.

The Canary Islands Civil Protection Service announced via Twitter that it had issued an “evacuation order” for various areas of the Los Lianos de Aridane community on the west side of the island. It is predicted that the lava river will move there in the next few hours.

The evacuation concerns “about 700-800 people”, the service clarified.

On Monday, about 3,000 residents were forced to seal themselves in their homes after lava “ate” a cement factory, releasing potentially toxic clouds into the atmosphere. Today, however, the authorities were doing that.

More than 1,200 buildings have been destroyed to date, less than a month after the volcano erupted.

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