'La Rosa de Guadalupe' creates a chapter inspired by 'The Squid Game'
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‘The Squid Game’ It is the South Korean phenomenon that, in addition to capturing the world’s attention, has inspired video games, businesses and even movies for adults. In Latin America, the series was recently used to recreate the plot of one of the episodes of the iconic Mexican show ‘The Rose of Guadalupe’.

The Hitman Game‘is the name of chapter 1,657, which recreates the story of a teenager who is addicted to hitman video games, so much so that he becomes violent, then receives the invitation to belong to a group of hitmen but this already operates in the In real life, when he goes on a date, he is taken to a place where there are other teenagers in uniforms and there the outcome of the story takes place.

The curious episode was released on the night of this Wednesday, November 17, on Televisa and was, according to the media in this country, very well received.

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