Laeticia Hallyday, in tears and mocked in Quotiden

Laeticia Hallyday burst into tears on the set of Yann Barthès, mentioned Jalil Lespert “sent” by Johnny and the tribute evening. A TV intervention denigrated by viewers …

Johnny Hallyday was “an elected” for Laeticia Hallyday, who impatiently awaits thetribute to the rocker, September 14 in Bercy. The widow of Taulier was deeply involved in this project and did everything to make the evening honor the deceased. “On a pu assemble johnny’s team, it was important for us to stay in the soul. This is what he would have wanted“, she explained on September 13, on the set of Day-to-day, in the company of the former producer of the rocker, Jean-Claude Camus, who added: “There are sets, effects worthy of what we did with Johnny“.

Johnny, a “soldier”: the tears of Laeticia

Jade and Joy’s mother has one regret, however: “I would have dreamed that David can sing. I sent invitations but he made me understand he couldn’t come“. Laura Smet either is not in the game.
As for the profits of this evening, they will be donated to an association that fights against cancer, in memory of Johnny’s last fight, won by a lung cancer. Despite the illness, the sacred monster continued to to get on stage with the Old Scoundrels, a few months before dying.
He taught us the resilience and courage. He really was a soldier. He had strength. He was a chosen one, he had superhuman strength, something unreal, divine and beyond comprehension“, Laeticia Hallyday marveled, facing Yann Barthès, who then broadcast images of the rocker in the company of Jade and Joy. upset the widow of Taulier… who paid a few tears on TMC.

Laeticia Hallyday: Jalil Lespert “sent” by Johnny?

Almost four years after Johnny’s death, his widow regains a taste for life and shares her daily life with the director Jalil Lespert. “I am happy to feel alive. I am convinced that Johnny sent it to me to relearn to live and to love“, she assured. The mother of Jade and Joy also made a point of making a symbolic gesture: she went to the johnny’s grave with the new chosen one of his heart and … presented them. “It was an important step for me. I regain a taste for existence thanks to Jalil. His love carries me every day. It’s a great meeting. He is someone who means a lot to me so it was important to introduce it to Johnny“, she clarified.
The widow of Taulier continues to visit the rocker’s burial regularly and to carry out vigils in his memory: “For the first two years, I went there every night. Today I go there every two, three days and then every year for celebrate his departure. We meet with the fans: we listen to music, we drink rum, we light candles, we celebrate our life. It makes us feel good. Everyone grieve in their own way but for the fans, it is a moment of peace and love“.

Laeticia Hallyday, mocked by viewers

Helping fans to mourn the rocker, this is Laeticia Hallyday’s goal through this tribute evening and the inauguration of an esplanade in Paris, she assures us. But on Twitter, a myriad of Internet users have critical the approach of the widow of Taulier, which they consider to be motivated by money, and her intervention in Day-to-day clearly did not convince.

“She had had the questions before? Because her answers were well repeated, she learned well by heart! It sounds wrong! Not at all natural“, launched a user.”TV malaise with the not too tearful widow and the angry ex-producer. It stinks of money“, “No frankly I can no longer there, she goes surf the wave How long“, “Otherwise, Laeticia, she thought of opening a theme park around Johnny? It pays off“, we read among the other comments of Twittos … far from being touched by the sincerity of Laeticia Hallyday.

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