Laëtitia Milot "I'm not afraid of aging. The important thing is to feel good about yourself and your mind"

Laëtitia Milot is the heroine of the fiction “To find you” broadcast on M6 on January 25. On this occasion, the actress revealed to us her beauty routine and her fitness tips.

Revealed with her role as Mélanie Rinato in the series “Plus belle la vie”, Laetitia Milot continues since successful TV dramas. In addition to her talents as an actress, the pretty 41-year-old green-eyed brunette distinguished herself on the floor of the show “Dancing with the Stars” (season 4). At the beginning of the year, we find her on M6 in the fiction “To find you” in which she plays a mother whose child is autistic.

You still have a radiant complexion. What’s your secret to staying healthy?

I don’t wear much makeup and I do my best to maintain and oxygenate my body.

Are you athletic?

Yes. I like to spend myself. I am a fan of jogging, cycling which I complete with muscle building. I love water too. I aquabike and swim regularly in the pool, even in winter.

Do you have strict food hygiene?

I am very greedy, but more salty than sweet. I don’t deprive myself but I compensate with sport and by drinking 1.5 liters of water a day. It is essential to eliminate and regenerate cells.

What are your tips for catching up on overeating?

I’m doing a mono diet for one, two or three days to clean my intestines.
That is to say, I eat only one food (apple, carrot or grape). If I’m not very motivated, I replace the mono diet with a day where I eat only vegetables. The ideal would be to go on a weekly diet, that is to say, skip the evening meal once a week.

What are your beauty rituals?

I never leave home without putting moisturizer on my face. In the evening I never deviate from make-up removal step. Then I apply a lotion, sometimes a serum, then I finish with moisturizer. I also do a mask once a week to rehydrate and oxygenate my skin.

How do you take care of your hair?

Even if sometimes it would tempt me to do a bob cut, I never really change my hairstyle. I don’t think I dare yet. I might take the leap for a role. I like having long hair and I twist them from time to time with a fringe or coloring or even simply with highlights in red, auburn or caramel tones. To maintain them, I apply a hair mask on the ends after each shampoo (every 3 days), as well as a special treatment for the lengths.

What is your daily make-up routine?

I’m pretty natural. I never wear foundation. I unify my skin with powder and I apply a little pink blush to look good. On the eyes, I apply eyeshadow in auburn, brown or plum shades and a bit of brown pencil inside the eye. I finish with mascara and I leave my mouth bare. I only wear lipstick for special occasions, but it never lasts long because I bite my lips a lot.

Do you have an anti-aging tip?

No. I don’t ask myself the question of age. I’m not afraid of getting old. I think that as long as you are well in your mind and body, you don’t feel the passing years. In my opinion, we must always move forward by continuing to talk.

What beauty advice could you give to our readers?

I would advise to always be careful to keep your skin healthy. This goes through the make-up removal stage and the use of natural products (organic, vegan) which in addition to being effective are respectful of the planet and animals.

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