Lara Cardinals welcomed their hitting coach Selwyn Langaigne

The team Lara Cardinals, made his fifth day of preseason in preparation for the upcoming season of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP).

The Daniel “Chino” Canónico stadium in Barquisimeto experienced what was the fifth day of training for the “Red Birds” with a view to what the start of the season will be in a few days.

The training sessions continue at the head of the bench coach Nelson Prada, due to bad weather the practice was reduced to the confrontation between pitchers and batters, being the left-handed Brayan Pérez and the right and experienced Jean Machí were facing the batters, of the same Practice mode of fielding and defensive situations to end with a base run practice.

Here is the report:

The only addition by the Lara Cardinals on this fifth day of practice was hitting coach Selwyn Langaigne.

Bullpen coach Oswald Peraza also supervised the work of the pitchers who, together with Gerardo Casadiego as pitching instructor, will have the arduous task of keeping the Cardinals bullpen at its peak.

Part of Brayan Pérez’s job is that he can contribute to “Los Crepusjeras” with his pitching speed, his strikeout ability and fielding as he demonstrated today in practice with this catch between his legs and with the glove behind them.

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