Larionov became the head of the Russian Olympic team - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

In Russian hockey, tectonic fluctuations continue due to the approach of the Olympics. The other day, Alexey Zhamnov was recommended for the position of head coach of the Russian national team, who, like his headquarters, must be officially approved. And on the eve there was another rearrangement. Igor Larionov left the post of head coach of the youth team and will now work in a similar position, only in the Olympic national team. Bratash followed in the opposite direction.

An important clarification. The Olympic team is not the one that will go to the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. So we traditionally call the nearest reserve of the main team. So Larionov was instructed to cook it.

“The reshuffle in the coaching staffs is associated with an increase in the efficiency of preparation for the upcoming tournaments” – this is how Vladislav Tretyak, President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, explained the castling.

If the transition to the Olympic team is a promotion, then Larionov’s takeoff can be called rapid. Only last year he headed the youth team, and now he will work with adults. Moreover, there is information that the “professor” will be included in Zhamnov’s coaching staff. By the way, there are rumors about 38-year-old Ilya Kovalchuk.

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