The lawyer believes that Valery Garkalin's relatives can attract Larisa Guzeeva for libel and sue one million compensation

The lawyer believes that Valery Garkalin’s relatives can attract Larisa Guzeeva for libel and sue one million compensation

Photo: Anatoly Zhdanov

A monstrous scandal involving Larisa Guzeeva has been thundering over the past few days. It began with the fact that in the comments on Facebook the star of the show “Let’s Get Married” unleashed a war with opponents of vaccination, presenting the lack of vaccination in Valery Garkalin, who died of coronavirus, as the main trump card. “Valera was lying next to me. He did not have a single vaccination, ”the TV matchmaker stated categorically. Guzeev was supported by his old friend Yevgeny Fridlyand, who went even further in his conclusions. “He was not vaccinated, he had a purchased certificate – he confessed to the hospital himself,” the producer stunned with insiders. It is not surprising that a few minutes later these loud statements were picked up by the media …

For the family of the actor, experiencing the pain of loss, such revelations from colleagues in the shop were a blow. Garkalin’s body had not yet been buried, and the family, being engaged in sorrowful chores, had to make excuses, saving the blessed memory of the deceased. They say that Valery Borisovich delivered as many as three vaccinations: first “KoviVak”, after which antibodies did not appear, then – two components “Sputnik V”. So why is he accused of grandiose deception?

However, just a couple of days later, both Guzeeva and Fridlyand, whose phones were unsuccessfully cut off by journalists, took their words back. On Instagram, the actress admitted that she had lied to “stop the flow of anti-vaccination obscurantism,” and in fact, she did not know anything about her colleague’s vaccination. And the producer wrote that he “misused the term“ purchased certificate ”. At the same time, both did not apologize to the Garkalin family and accused the journalists of spreading gossip.

Meanwhile, according to the law, you can be held criminally liable for such things. It is possible that Larisa Guzeeva, and together with her and Evgeny Fridlyand, will have to answer for slander.

– The actions of the TV presenter fall under article 128.1, part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Libel committed using the Internet”, – star lawyer Andrey Aleshkin told… – The punishment is serious: from a fine of up to 1 million rubles to imprisonment for two years. If the celebrity was not previously prosecuted, I think that in this case everything may end with a fine.

According to the lawyer, this case is not some unprovable “hanging”: all the facts are on the surface. To bring the TV matchmaker to justice, the injured party, that is, Valery’s relatives, should write a statement to the police. And in parallel, they can also file a civil claim for compensation for moral damage for reputational losses.

– If the words of Larisa Guzeeva turned into not only worries for loved ones, but also taking medications and appeals to doctors, then material damage can also be collected from the TV presenter by attaching all checks and documents, – clarified Andrey Aleshkin… – In this case, the real amount that can be sued, I consider 1 million rubles. And Larisa Guzeeva would like to remind about responsibility not only legal, but also human. She should not forget that she is a public person, and her social media page is an official account. Therefore, when placing any statements, the presenter must understand that they can be reprinted in the media, as her direct speech. For the press, any comments on social networks are as much a source of information as public speeches. If Guzeeva was not sure of her words, then she should have written a slip of the tongue “in my opinion, which may not correspond to reality …”. If there were such a preamble, now the artist would not be in danger. However, then the scandal itself would not have happened.


The actress who fights with anti-axers did not want to be vaccinated until the last

After confessing to deception, Larisa Guzeeva, out of harm’s way, closed all the comments on her page. However, social networks are still raging mercilessly.

So, the star was recalled that, despite the wars with opponents of mandatory vaccination and lies about Garkalin, she herself has not yet been vaccinated. Like, it would be better to be silent, since she did not inject herself.

The fact that the actress refused to be vaccinated was reported shortly after her hospitalization husband-restaurateur Igor Bukharov.

“I urge everyone to get vaccinated against coronavirus, this is a real chance to save people,” Bukharov spoke at a meeting with the owners of a cafe in Orenburg. – Here is a personal example for you: in our family I was vaccinated, my son and daughter were vaccinated, Larisa was persuaded – you also get vaccinated. She refused and went to the filming in the Crimea. A few days literally, and here is the result, you know …

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