PRO.  Larreta was in the cities of Formosa and Resistencia.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta He will once again show himself as a national leader: this Thursday he will face a tour of the interior of the country to support local candidates of Together for Change in their quest to gain ground in Congress.

But he will not be alone: ​​he took the Minister of Health on the trip, Fernan Quirós, who will accompany him for the first time to a party activity outside of the Federal Capital.

The head of government will leave in the afternoon for San Juan, where he will spend the day, and on Friday at noon he will be in San Luis and that same Friday afternoon he will travel to Mendoza where he will stay until Saturday at noon.

Meeting with JxC references and candidates, visits to local businesses and industries are on the agenda that is being finalized at this time. There will also be a place for interviews in provincial media but with a national scope.

In the province of San Luis there is great expectation about the results: in the PASO the senator Claudio Poggi, candidate for national deputy, managed to beat the eternal Alberto Rodríguez Sáa. Weeks later, the brand-new Electoral Anti-Fraud Committee of Together for Change filed a criminal complaint for “patronage” against the governor after having signed a decree that enables the provincial ministers to distribute up to $ 50,000 per person in subsidies on the grounds of granting “aid Social”.

On the other hand, in Mendoza the political situation showed a resounding victory, by 20 points, for the deputy and head of the UCR, Alfredo Cornejo, as a candidate for senator. During these hours the radical referent divides his time between the Mendoza campaign, the Congress and his trips to the Interior. Yesterday he was with Carolina Losada in Santa Fe, where JxC aspires to take the two national senators.

For his part, Quirós will have his own agenda, in addition to accompanying Larreta. In the first place to differentiate the management of the Buenos Aires pandemic versus the national one, and secondly to develop the national plan for the Third Age, a subject that occupies the head of Government. For this task, the Buenos Aires Minister of Health joined the vidalista in the middle of the year Milagros “Mili” Maylin, who came from being the coordinator of the Covid management (vaccinations and testing centers), after having gone through the Buenos Aires management with Maria Eugenia Vidal and his chief of staff, Federico Salvai. Today she holds the position of Secretary of Welfare.


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