project in Costa Salguero

Two real estate projects promoted by officialdom they already have their roadmap in the Buenos Aires Legislature so that they have approval before the legislative change, next December 10. This Friday, at the Urban Planning Commission and starting at 10 in the morning, the initiatives that enable the construction of luxury towers and a park in Costa Salguero and in the former Sports City of Boca. Two proposals that were rejected by opposition forces and environmental organizations.

According to parliamentary sources, the intention of the bloc that responds to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, which brings together 37 members of its own and allies, is to sanction the two projects, which were already approved in first reading, on December 2. An opposition legislator anticipates before PROFILE that, with the changes of names, the official space called Vamos Juntos in the compound may have “some shock”: “let’s see how organic are the deputies who respond to Ricardo López Murphy. The lilitos knew how to make a difference, as well as the radicals ”.

Daniel del Sol, legislator of Vamos Juntos, president of the Urban Planning Commission, expressed before PROFILE: “Once the public hearings are over, we are working to be able to dispatch the files. They are projects that promote the development of the City and will allow the necessary urban redesign on the coastline and in the neighborhoods damaged by the effects of the pandemic. They will also generate thousands of jobs, which is very important in this difficult context. “

The Frente de Todos gathered signatures to stop the Costa Salguero initiative.

With regard to the Executive’s projects, one proposes the enabling of the construction of private buildings of up to 10 floors and a large public park on the Costa Salguero estate. The other authorizes a new neighborhood in the former Boca Juniors Sports City, which will have towers of up to 45 floors.

In the case of the former, the rezoning project received a first approval in October of last year. Then, a public hearing was held for the public to give their opinion, which had a record of participation.

This file had its judicial twist: on October 12, the Chamber of Appeals in Administrative and Tax Litigation of the City of Buenos Aires confirmed the previous ruling that had declared the sale of the property unconstitutional. The ruling rejected the appeal filed by the Buenos Aires Government against the decision of the Judge in Administrative and Tax Litigation Leonardo Fuchi, who in April of this year had given rise to the amparo filed by the former deputy of the Frente de Todos Gabriela Cerruti and the civil association Observatory of the Right to the City and declared “the unconstitutionality of Law 6,289 for being contrary to articles 63, 89 paragraphs 4 and 6, and 90 of the Constitution of the City.”

Meanwhile, in the former Sports City of Boca, located in Costanera Sur, the Executive seeks to obtain the endorsement of Parliament for an urban agreement signed with the company IRSA, which authorizes the construction of a new neighborhood there: “Costa Urbana”, with buildings of up to 45 floors. In exchange for this authorization, the construction firm would cede part of the property, which has 70 hectares in total, for public use.

From the Front of All, denounced -through social networks- that “before losing the majority in the Legislature,” Rodríguez Larreta seeks to speed up the treatment of his real estate projects in the Legislature.

“Before losing the majority in the Legislature, Larreta prepares a full orchestra for the end of the year. He called on Friday a meeting to discuss: Sale of Costa Salguero, Torres in Costanera Sur, Real estate exceptions in the richest neighborhoods of the City” , published in his Twitter account the Buenos Aires deputy of the FdT Juan Manuel Valdes.

Javier Andrade, vice president of the FdT bloc, also referred to the issue on his Twitter account, where he wrote that “despite the massive and forceful rejection by the multiple real estate businesses in Larreta,” the Legislature will rule “Costa Salguero, law of works laundering, the IRSA project and the 11 towers “.

The legislator thus referred to two other projects of the Head of Government that will be discussed on Friday: one that creates the “special regime for the regularization of constructions and works carried out in contravention of the provisions of the building code and urban code” and another that includes 11 urban agreements with private companies to enable new towers where they are not currently allowed.

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