Last look back: nose, penis and an XXL climax

From the “Special” category: “Adam is looking for Eve”: Jay’s hot sex date with the wild herb trainer. “

From the “Outrageous” category: “Schnitzel no, sex yes: brothels are allowed to open on Sundays.”

From the “Extremely explosive” category: “Harry Potter Fan Theory: Did Harry and Hermione Have Sex?”

From the category “Calming“:” Why not having sex doesn’t have to mean that love is missing “

From the “Enlightening” category: “Male sex: Why size doesn’t matter and anal sex is fascinating.”

From the “Comforting” category: “Sex after hip surgery: this is how it works again.”

From the “Animating” category: “This is how men come to the XXL climax.”

From the “Facilitating” category: “Doctor reveals – average penis size is smaller than you think.”

From the “Aha” category: “Japanese study. There is a connection between the size of the nose and the penis. “

From the “Arg” category: “False widow bites man in the best piece: Brit wakes up with a swollen penis.”

From the “Investigative” category: “Trump looks like a penis on Christmas card: What the bizarre picture is all about.”

From the “Bad luck” category: “Cell phone repairs are becoming a nightmare: Hundreds have seen my penis.”

From the “Try!” Category: “The Brazilian cut guarantees a quick orgasm.”

From the “Aha” category: “Don’t shoot when you orgasm. These are the strangest sex laws in the US. “

From the “Should I do” category: “Faked orgasm? That’s the best way to confess it. “

From the category “Phew, amazing”: “Elephant position: the best sex position with an orgasm guarantee.”

From the category “cheerful”: “THAT is why you should definitely try the Wiggle-Peter position.”

From the “Questionable” category: “Do you already know the effervescent powder blowjob?”

From the “Researched” category: “His sex noises reveal that about his character.”

From the “You never stop learning” category: “Porn stars explain how men can last longer during sex.”

And now, in 2022? One can be curious – and assume that the sex headlines are just as much the same as those of the past year as the many, many years before that. Frei Goethe: “So let Eros rule, who started everything.”

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