He published on his official Instagram account a set of 6 images that were taken inside a yacht in the port of Acapulco, Mexico, detailed the international media Circle AM.

In the description of the photographs, Laura Bozzo (aged 69) She was very empowered and expressed:

“Thanks from ♥ ️ to the magazine @ suave.ooo for the cover and the photos, some of which are taken by my assistant. With clothes brought from Paris, just for the interview. I love them”.

The wardrobe that the former presenter of ‘Laura en América’ used, according to Suave 2 magazine (where the cover is from), is from haute couture and brought directly from Europe to dress her exclusively in her special edition.

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However, last September a photograph was known in which the actress Megan Fox wore a similar design at the MTV Awards and was compared with the Peruvian.

Despite the fact that Bozzo had announced that the magazine was coming out in September and it was the second time they had taken it into account for a special edition, all these photos were only known when she published them herself, this Wednesday.

Before, the famous woman from Peru – also with Mexican and Italian nationality – had only shared two images (the one with which she was compared to Fox) and one where she is dressed entirely in black with boots from the renowned fashion house Balenciaga.

The television host was in hiding in Mexico, after an arrest warrant was issued by the Tax Administration System for the tax offense of selling a property seized for 12 million pesos.

These are the photographs in which Bozzo, despite her age, is not elusive to show off her body with exclusive designs and transparencies:

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