Laura Keller
Laura Keller (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

To model Laura Keller, 34 years old, is another person after the birth of her child Jorge Emanuel, fruit of her relationship with her ex-husband, Jorge Souza. In an interview with Quem magazine, the former Ilha Record said that she feels more complete after giving birth.

“Being a mother is better than I imagined. I feel more complete, with more reasons to enjoy life. Motherhood is something above any earth plane. It’s an immeasurable love… Seeing yourself in a little being, finding yourself in the eyes of a little piece of yourself is surreal. He’s smart, cheerful, eats well, sleeps well, doesn’t get sick. He has his quiet moments, but he’s very active, healthy”, melted.

The famous one said that she needed the care of a mother to take care of little Jorge: “My mother helps me a lot, she has been more by my side. After the reality show (Island Record) my schedule has tightened, so she’s been a wonderful grandma. Me and my mom are taking care of it. I’m just sad for the lack of a father in my son’s daily life. I was raised by separated parents and I know how sad it is”, she said.

Being a special moment in her life with motherhood, the model dreams of giving Jorge a brother in the future: “I would love to have another child. But for now, I don’t think about it. I actually think, but not for now. I have to find a good father first”, she said, who then said that the contacts with her ex, Jorge Sousa, are exclusively to talk about her son. “We only talk about Jorge Emanuel. And he comes once or twice a week and spends a few hours with him”, he revealed.

Suffered with the end of the relationship

The actress opened her heart and said that she suffered a lot with the end of their relationship: “I dreamed of a family: ‘mommy, daddy, little boy’. It took me a while to understand why this is so, but today I see that nothing is by chance and we have no control over everything. Today I see the end as a deliverance”, she revealed.

Finally, Laura said that she lost 20 kilos after Jorge’s pregnancy and stated that it took her almost a year to get back to her normal weight: “I still need to eliminate three kilos. I worked out during and after pregnancy, I was losing weight gradually. It took me almost a year to get back to my pre-pregnancy body.“, she said.

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