Laurent Voulzy reveals a "terrible" childhood memory

The publication of a damning report on sexual assault on minors in the Church arouses fear. A scandal which revived disturbing memories at Laurent Voulzy …

Laurent Voulzy was invited to the microphone of Wendy Bouchard in his show My France broadcast on France Blue to promote the release of his first book My Cathedrals, Tuesday October 12. On this occasion, the journalist returned to the terrifying report published on Tuesday, October 5 by the Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Church, revealing the existence of 216,000 victims between 1950 and today. Figures that did not fail to make Laurent Voulzy react, and which brought back to the artist a terrible childhood memory.

Laurent Voulzy: “When I was a child, a priest asked me strange questions”

Perhaps the worst has been avoided. Close to the Church and keen on ecclesiastical buildings, Laurent Voulzy indulged in some disturbing secrets.
Facing Wendy Bouchard, the 72-year-old man confided in a memorable episode while he was still a very young teenager. “When I was a child, a priest asked me strange questions, Once. Nothing happened. I thought it was weird, I went home. I was ten or eleven years old“, he recalled in a moved voice.
Touched by the damning report of the Commission of Inquiry, the singer recalled his support for the victims. “The scandal is enormous. It really is horrible. It is far from being the majority but it exists“, he continued. Before recalling his special attachment to the holy places.”The place itself was built by masons, artists guided by clergymen who were not necessarily criminals. There are places that are extraordinary. And what we did with it“.

Laurent Voulzy, very attached to the Church

Passionate about the Middle Ages since his childhood, Laurent Voulzy travels through France for several years for perform in concert in cathedrals and abbey churches, report France Inter.
Invited at Nagui’s microphone on Tuesday, October 12, Alain Souchon’s friend also declared: “Cathedrals and abbey churches are known to everyone but no one really knows them. Throughout the concerts, I have explored almost all of them, with the help of local scholars, always considerate, always fascinating. Rock leads to everything, even to mystical knowledge.

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