Lauro de Freitas announces hiring of rescued Bahians in RS

The city hall of Lauro de Freitas, in the metropolitan region of Salvador, announced this Sunday (5) that part of the Bahians who were rescued in Rio Grande do Sul in a situation analogous to slavery will be hired by companies in the city.

According to a statement released by the municipal administration, a total of ten workers, who are from Lauro de Freitas, should be welcomed by the initiative, in partnership with the Carrefour Group and Parque Shopping Bahia.

Also in the note, the city hall stated that the objective is to provide an opportunity for Bahians to be able to reorganize their lives in an occupation that restores dignity, guarantees rights, security and provides opportunities for their growth.

“The management of Lauro de Freitas understands that structuring public policies are essential to offer shelter and support to people who are in vulnerable situations. Therefore, in order to ensure that these policies are not discontinued, it is essential for us to enter/return to the labor market, through decent and fair employment”, says the city hall in the note.

A press conference was scheduled for Monday (6), at 10 am, to provide more information about the process, which is being carried out by the Secretariat for Work, Sports and Leisure (SETREL).

Still according to the city hall, the workers have been welcomed by the Municipal Secretariat for Affirmative Policies, Human Rights and Racial Equality (SEPADHIR) – Municipal Nucleus to Combat Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling (NETP), since last week, when they were rescued on a farm in the city of Bento Gonçalves.

In addition to these ten, almost 200 others were moved to Bahia again after the action of the Federal Highway Police (PRF) on the spot.

In addition, another group sought out the Labor Public Prosecution Service (MPT) to inform that it would also have been kept under the same conditions and managed to escape before the operation took place.

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