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*** Lawsuit for Maravatío

There is a municipality whose definition of the winner is yet to be seen. It is about Santiago Maravatío where the independent candidate Jose Guadalupe Panigua he won by two votes the mayor of the PRI, Fernando Rosas, who is seeking reelection.

* The two votes

The PRI challenged the result and the Monterrey Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Branch ordered the recount of some votes. That will happen today at the Electoral Institute of the State of Guanajuato before representatives of the parties.

* Independent or PRI

If the result does not alternate, the triumph of the only independent will be confirmed; if they were to tie, the election would have to be repeated; and, if the PRI manages to turn it around, its council will add eleven to keep the same that it won in 2018.

***The farewell

On Monday, at the end of the last session of the LXIV Guanajuato Legislature, it was time for photos and goodbye hugs. The Leonese deputy Miguel Salim he uploaded some to his networks with fellow PAN members and others from the opposition.

* Blue and Brunette

In one of the photographs the local PAN deputies appear: Paulo Bañuelos, Martha Delgado, Noemí Márquez, Emma Tovar and Miguel Salim, and in the middle of them Jessica Cabal Ceballos, which was PAN and then jumped to Morena to be made a candidate for mayor of Abasolo, where she did not do well on June 6.

* The repentant

Behind that single photo the story that transcends is that at the end of the session, in which he still sat on the side of Morena, he went to greet his PAN friends with whom he honestly said that he was sorry for having left them, that the consider as one more PAN, who is not looking for anything but know that you have it.

* Vows are loves

It goes without saying, as it was noted in the voting of the session, especially that of the guarantee of the debt of almost 70 million for the new Museum of the Mummies, which was supported by both Jessica and Luis Magdaleno, another former PAN member who ran for Morena as a candidate for federal deputy for the 14th district, and also lost.

*Brunette, crumbled

Of the five legislators from the beginning of Morena, Josefina Salas declared herself independent, Carmen Vaca continued in Morena but always painted her line. The two PAN incorporations as it only seems that they jumped for the candidacy. They end up with three strained brunettes: Enrique Alba, Raúl Márquez and Magda Rosales.

* And now eight

Today there are eight local deputies elected by Morena (seven plural and one majority), and its first coordinator is the Silaoense Ernesto Millán Soberanes, identified in the team of the Welfare delegate, Mauricio Hernández Núñez, to whom the rumors have said that his position falters, but today it is that, rumors.

* Unit and project

So far they are quiet and well behaved, of course the Legislature has not yet started. But the challenge will not only be to remain as a compact group, which is already a lot to ask for, but to present an attractive legislative agenda for those who are tired of bread with the same thing but do not see the opposition as a project to trust.

*** PRI, it’s arias

In the mini-bench of four in the PRI it transpires that the coordination will fall to the current secretary general of the party, Alejandro Arias Ávila. They need to make it official. The irapuatense Yulma rocha he keeps his distance with Ruth and Arias. The fourth is the mayor of Cd. Manuel Doblado, Adolfo Alfaro, who has no quarrel with anyone.

* Deputy and mayors

The weekend in San Miguel de Allende, with Mauricio Trejo as host, the elected mayors of the PRI met and as a guest the deputy Sofia Carvajal, sent from the National Committee as legislative liaison in Guanajuato. Let us remember that the priismo of Guanajuato does not have any representative in San Lázaro.

* Leader of mayors

It was a first meeting with the interest of reaching a consensus on the coordinator of the 10 mayors of the PRI, Luis Gerardo “El Chino” Sánchez would be interested, who repeats in San Luis de la Paz; and Luis Alberto Mondragon, reelected in Jerécuaro.

*** Points

Mayor Ricardo Ortiz Gutiérrez never tires of pointing out those who have so far prevented the construction of the Medical Tower of Specialties of the General Hospital, given the possible loss of the resource for 123 million pesos.


This time he makes a direct call to the elected mayor, Lorraine alfaro, who at the time opposed the environmental damage that could be caused in this corner of Irekua Park where the construction of the Tower is planned.

* Health first

For the Mayor, this space, in which 19 trees would have to be intervened, is completely useless for the Irekua Park, and he has made it clear that he prefers the benefit for the health of the irapuatenses than a few trees.

Tam-Bajío highway starts

The Government of Tamaulipas began construction of the Tam-Bajío highway that aims to improve connectivity between the Gulf of Mexico and the Central-Bajío-West region of the country, which includes the state of Guanajuato.

Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez accompanied the governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco Javier Cabeza de Vaca, in the banner of the 106-kilometer project between Mante and Tula, both points in that border entity. The reference to the Bajío is that it connects with the existing network, from Altamira to Aguascalientes and Guanajuato.

The Guanajuato highlighted the importance because of the 20 billion dollars that he exported in merchandise in 2020, 55% left through Tamaulipas customs.

Photo: Government of Guanajuato.

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