Lawsuit in abuse scandal is served on Prince Andrew

Whether the lawsuit was properly brought is a matter of dispute between the two sides. According to Giuffre’s lawyers, a police guard in front of Andrew’s property in Windsor had received the documents on the second attempt. They were also sent by post. Andrew’s defense attorneys question legality. The London High Court has now confirmed with reference to an international agreement that it will inform Andrew about the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is related to the abuse scandal involving the convicted sex offender and US multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who allegedly committed suicide in prison in 2019. Prince Andrew was several overnight guests at Epstein’s home in the USA and the Caribbean. Epstein and his ex-partner Ghislaine Maxwell, who is currently awaiting trial in a New York prison, allegedly brought dozens of girls and young women into their addiction and sexually abused and fed other men over the years. Maxwell has pleaded not guilty of the charges.

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