The legacy of the governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha (MDB), was rejected for the second time in a row by his main niche of influence, the lawyers. This Sunday, the group of Ibaneis lost the election to command the local section of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), an institution he presided over and where he began to take risks in political life. Once again, who won was Délio Lins e Silva, from the group of lawyer Francisco Caputo, also former president of the OAB-DF.

The result consolidates the downfall of Ibaneis within his profession. He even joined the national board of the OAB, as deputy general secretary. In this position, in 2018, he tried to make himself viable as a candidate for national president of the Order, but was unsuccessful. After this defeat, he confirmed his entry into party politics.

The reelection of lawyer Délio Lins e Silva Jr. as president of the OAB-DF imposed a defeat on the candidate openly supported by the governor, Thaís Riedel. In the 2018 election, the then governor-elect’s candidate was Jacques Veloso, who also lost.

Bolsonaro and investigations

During the pandemic, Ibaneis became famous for showing videos of barbecues in his mansion. In one of these events, when deaths by Covid-19 were soaring, he welcomed then Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello and singer Zezé Di Camargo, as well as Jair Bolsonaro’s supporter, to a party.

Novice in politics, Ibaneis already collects scandals in his government. His Health Secretary Francisco de Araújo Filho was arrested in August 2020 on suspicion of fraud in purchases related to the pandemic. The secretary of Special Projects, Everardo Gueiros, was mentioned in the denunciation of the operation that investigated Fecomércio in Rio de Janeiro. Other government members close to the governor were also targeted by measures such as searches and seizures.

Another controversy in the governor’s file occurred in 2018, when his godfather and then president of the OAB-DF Juliano Costa Couto was denounced by the Federal Public Ministry for active corruption and money laundering in the case of JBS, a company owned by brothers Joesley and Wesley Batista.

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