Lawyers: Palestinian prisoners suffer beatings in Israel

RAMALÁ, West Bank (AP) – Lawyers for two Palestinians captured after fleeing an Israeli prison last week said Wednesday that their defendants were severely beaten during their arrest and the better-known of the two suffered a broken jaw and two ribs while standing. handcuffed.

Six Palestinian prisoners, five of them accused of deadly attacks on Israelis, fled through a tunnel from a maximum security prison in northern Israel on September 6, the first mass jail break in decades. The police captured four of them five days later.

For the Palestinians, the escape from Gilboa prison was a show of rebellion against the occupation of territories that they claim for their future state. Two of the prisoners are still at large.

The lawyers were able to meet with the recaptured inmates for the first time on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, and heard the prisoners’ version of the escape for the first time.

An Israeli human rights lawyer defending Zakaria Zubeidi, a well-known militiaman accused of attacks during the 2000-2005 insurrection against Israel, said security personnel handcuffed him and then asked his name.

“Zakaria said and then they gave him a severe beating,” Avigdor Feldman told The Associated Press. He was taken to a hospital where he was given pain relievers for the broken jaw and two ribs. Feldman said no further abuse was committed during questioning.

Mohammed Aradeh’s lawyer, captured along with Zubeidi, said they beat his defendant before taking him to a police station where he was stripped naked and interrogated for hours. Lawyer Khaled Mahajneh told local media Al-Jarmaq that his client has a visible head injury and has been questioned continuously, almost without letting him sleep.

“You don’t even know what day it is,” said the lawyer.

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