Leaks first photo of Isis Valverde with Wanessa’s ex-husband

Leaked this Sunday (5) the first couple photo of actress Isis Valverde with businessman Marcus Buaiz, ​​who is Wanessa’s ex-husband.

In the image, which was published by columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, the two appear together, in the greatest romantic atmosphere, in a wine bar frequented by celebrities in Paris.

The same city is where the two lovebirds would have been spotted kissing, at the luxury restaurant La Plume Rive Droite, according to news circulated on the internet on Saturday (4).

Sought on Saturday, the press office for the actress said she would not comment on her personal life.

Buaiz and Wanessa have been separated since May 2022. The two were together for 17 years. The ex-couple is the father of José Marcus, 11, and João Francisco, 9.

Isis’s marriage to model and businessman André Resende also came to an end in 2022. They are the parents of little Rael, 4 years old.

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