Learn how to make oxtail coxinha, with light dough and succulent filling - 11/21/2021

“Everyone thinks that the best thing about being a bar owner is to drink for free”, says Zeca Pagodinho, a guest on the show “Botequim da Teresa”, who owns the bar that bears his name in Rio.

For now, Bar do Zeca has arrived in Barra da Tijuca and, more recently, in Flamengo, soon in Jacarepaguá, Nova Iguaçu and even São Paulo.

A self-respecting bohemian stronghold has a bad name on the door. Anyone who arrives at Bar do Zeca, in Barra, knows they will have fun, but they have no idea when and how the program will end.

There are several samba and appetizer attractions there, prepared by Toninho do Momo, who already participated in the program in the first season with rice balls with pepperoni and cheese.

It was his idea for the snack of the day: shredded oxtail drumstick, light dough and succulent filling.

“Just talking, my mouth fills with water. The filling is better to prepare beforehand, so as not to waste time”, enthuses Teresa Cristina, who teaches the step-by-step instructions below.

Garlic more milk and once it boils more butter. The hostess moves and adds, little by little, the flour, while she sings “O sol ea breeze”, by Zeca Pagodinho (1988).

As soon as the dough comes out of the pan, turn off the heat. It’s time to mold it in the shape of a coxinha, half of which is stuffed: this treasure that is shredded oxtail.

The secret is to knead the dough well, I’m here with the coxinha machine,” says Toninho, via video message on his cell phone.

Teresa Cristina with the snack from Zeca Pagodinho's bar that she prepared during the program - Zô Guimarães/UOL - Zô Guimarães/UOL

Teresa Cristina with the appetizer from Zeca Pagodinho’s bar that she prepared during the program

Image: Zô Guimarães/UOL

Attention: first in the breadcrumbs, return to the egg with milk, to take it to the Panko flour. There are two processes and one more piece of soup by Zeca in Teresa’s voice: “I’m not more of that” (1996). It’s time to fry, to the sound of “Por wanting, not wanting” (1988).

I love oxtail, so I made a bigger one just for me, which I’ll eat with a guava barbecue that Toninho lovingly ordered”

The last branch of the bar is on Praia do Flamengo (on the corner of Rua Silveira Martins) inside the iconic Hotel Novo Mundo, opened in 1950 — now a student house — and which was frequented by political authorities ranging from Getúlio Vargas to Lula.

Samba, series and Teresa

“Botequim da Teresa” airs every Friday, at 11 am, on UOL Channel and on YouTube de Nossa (subscribe now to receive reminders). In each episode, Teresa Cristina receives a special guest and teaches how to make classic snacks from some of the most famous bars in Rio de Janeiro. The program is a co-production of Our e MOV, UOL’s video platform.

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