‘Learning and maturing’, says Cara de Sapato after expulsion

		'Learning and maturing', says Cara de Sapato after expulsion
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MMA fighter Antônio Carlos Junior, Cara de Sapato, spoke out this Saturday (18) about the harassment episode that led him to be expelled from Big Brother Brasil 2023.

On video, the athlete apologized to the Mexican Dania Méndez, guest of the reality show to do the exchange in Brazil, and said that it took him a while to understand that he had crossed the line with his sister.

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“I didn’t come here before because everything was very troubled for me. It happened very fast and made me very, very sad. (…) At the time, I didn’t realize that I could be going too far. this moment is always an on and off switch. I had to watch everything to be able to understand and reframe my view on this.”

In the recording, Sapato, who will be summoned to give testimony in the investigation that investigates whether he and MC Guimê committed sexual harassment against Dania Mendez, extended the apology to all the women who were affected by his attitude

“I’m a fighter and I fight for good causes, I learned both to celebrate my victories and learn from my mistakes and my defeats, and that’s exactly what I’m doing now. Learning and maturing with all this, with this whole situation.”

Dania had an early return to Mexico. The sister would stay on the show until Sunday (19), to deliver the Curinga Power to the brothers, however, after the harassment episode, the participant left the house last Friday (17).


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